• In Search, Anna van Oosterzee, Berlin 2012
  • In Search, Julia Flitta & Jasmine Janissen, Berlin 2012
  • In Search, Danique Jaspers & Sammy Eschweiler, Berlin 2012
  • In Search, Goya Heeren & Marloes van Loon, Berlin 2012
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In Search

Communication, inspiration, exploration: a workshop in collaboration with the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts.

In November 2012, 33 students, accompanied by lecturers Dirk Reynders and Elke Lutgerink, came to Studio Baldauf to create a magazine in six hours. The workshop began with a lecture by Joachim Baldauf, after which the students took photographs in the area outside the studio. Their mission was to capture impressions of Berlin within a timeframe of one hour.

After they returned with their images, the group discussed the results together and voted to select one photograph per student.

Each student was assigned one page in the magazine for their chosen photograph, which would also include a title for the image, a headline and a caption.

Two students, Glenn Mosterd and Frauke Bakx, created the design for the magazine with input from the others. The texts were copyedited by Tarek Ibrahim and finally the finished files were submitted for printing.

Joachim Baldauf’s idea for the project was not to demonstrate the increasing speed at which the world of media works – it was to demonstrate the power of group dynamics and the advantages of making quick decisions when approaching a difficult task.

The contributors

Frauke Bakx, Anke Baltussen, Anke Bos, Caro Bruijnaers, Sammy Eschweiler, Julia Flitta, Judith Frissen, Bas Giessen, Goya Heeren, Yoshi Hoet, Hannah Hombergen, Jasmine Janissen, Danique Jaspers, Carina Kleinen, Karlijn Krijger, Marsha Lamers, Glenn Mosterd, Timo Neef, Gert-Jan Ritzen, Anouk Schepens, Carly Schipper, Simone Schuffelen, Miriam Sentler, Esrin Üsümüs, Aggie van Berkum, Thijsvan der Heyfen, Laura van Dooren, Rodin van Lankveld, Marloes van Loon, Anna van Oosterzee, Pol Veldhuijzen and Domino Vugts

The magazine

In Search, created by the students of the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts
Language: English
Format: 29 x 38 cm
Contents: 32 pages, newspaper format
Release: November 2012
Limited edition