• Eike Harder, Caroline Lossberg, Berlin 2012
  • Rahel Pasztor, Caroline Lossberg, Berlin 2012
  • Janine Meyer & Eike Harder, Donata & Caroline Lossberg, Berlin 2012
  • Eike Harder, Caroline Lossberg, Berlin 2012
  • Eike Harder, Caroline Lossberg, Berlin 2012
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Orwell lookbook

A collaborative project between Orwell and the University of the Arts in Bremen.

The German clothing company Orwell gave the students of the University of the Arts in Bremen the opportunity  to create a lookbook for the brand’s winter 2012/13 collection.

The students of professor Ursula Zillig took photos with professional models and a team of specialists at Studio Delight in Berlin. Joachim Baldauf assisted them during the creative and photographic process of developing the brochure.

The team

Student photographers: Marco Baitella, Eva Baramsky, Senya Corda, Bennie Julian Gay, Eike Harder, Cordula Heins, Melenka Helms, Sabine Lewandowski, Janine Meyer, Annika Nagel, Rahel Pasztor, Ariane Pfannschmidt, Michael Rommel, Marco Rossnagel, Carolin Speisser and Bomian Zheng

Student stylists: Dilay Baris, Irene Joa, Young-Sun Ko

Concept and design: Marion Kliesch
Art direction: Prof. Andrea Rauschenbusch
Coordinator: Prof. Ursula Zillig
Concept photography art director: Joachim Baldauf
Production: Patrice Brylla and Veza Wollenberg
Models: Caroline Lossberg, Lina Spangenberg and Donata/Mega Models
Stylist: Claudia Hofmann, assisted by Bianca Fleisch
Hair stylist: Acacio da Silva
Makeup artist: Karla Neff

The brochure

Owell Lookbook
Language: English, German
Format: 21 x 29.7 cm
Contents: 52 pages plus poster (42 x 29.4 cm)
Release: November 2012
Limited edition