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Copying Claudia

Is imitation the highest form of flattery, or is it absolutely unavoidable? Pachi Santiago, spanish artist begs this question with his series “Copying Claudia”, where he eschews his own identity to covet the role of one of the most beautiful celebrities of our generation: Claudia Schiffer. For his work he is using the most iconic images of Claudia Schiffer from different photographers.

The photo “Joachim Baldauf, Claudia Schiffer +182* 95/62/92 #58, Image #1, London 2008″ is the starting point for his transformation.

The series “Claudia Schiffer +182* 95/62/92 #58″ was published in “Vorn” and won a “Lead Award” in silver for best magazine feature of the year 2008.