• Joachim Baldauf, David White & Lino, Emerenz, Campaign #1, Berlin 2015
  • Joachim Baldauf, Aminata Sanogo, Emerenz, Iah Sei Haum #1, Berlin 2015
  • Joachim Baldauf, Lino, Emerenz, Dramschla #1, Berlin 2015
  • Joachim Baldauf, Aminata Sanogo, Emerenz, Waggala #2, Berlin 2015
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Founded in 2015, Emerenz is a Munich-based fashion brand that is dedicated to creating awareness for a cultural shift to a slow fashion perspective and regain consciousness for a more sustainable and refined quality of handcrafted pieces.

The brand identity is not only defined by the best quality of materials it uses, but on its understanding of design and focus on the beauty of uniqueness with every piece crafted on demand in Bavaria and embodying a story of its own.

In these times of mass production and poor working conditions in the fashion industry, Emerenz seeks to harken back to the Arts and Crafts movement, which valued craftsmanship and a certain ethic of production.