• Joachim Baldauf, Olga Pashevskaya, Isabell de Hillerin #1, Berlin 2015
  • Joachim Baldauf, Olga Pashevskaya, Isabell de Hillerin #2, Berlin 2015
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Isabell de Hillerin

The new Campaign for fashion designer Isabell de Hillerin.

A typical Romanian expression is the inspiration behind the Autumn/Winter collection: “Să-l porți sănătoasă”. Literally translated this means “may you wear it healthily”, figuratively you‘re wishing the person joy with their new piece. A sentence that recalls the worth of a piece of clothing and lends them significance.

It is the label’s aspiration to pay close attention to treating clothes with respect, as well appreciating the craftswomen‘s time and work needed for creating the designs. Allowing things the time they need to grow is what Isabell de Hillerin considers to be true luxury, thus generating sustainable quality and individuality.

For the Autumn/Winter 2015/16 collection the designer strongly focused on the essence of her label, traditional craftsmanship plays an even larger role than usual. Isabell de Hillerin‘s DNA is more present than ever and gives each piece a unique sensibility. The looks are predominantly dark, broken up by accents of blue lavender, and engage through the use of different textures.

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