• Joachim Baldauf, Meissen Macht Ikonen, Exhibition Catalogue, Berlin 2010
  • Joachim Baldauf, Meissen Macht Ikonen, Veza, 2010
  • Joachim Baldauf, Meissen Macht Ikonen, 2010
  • Joachim Baldauf, Meissen Macht Ikonen, 2010
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Meissen Macht Ikonen

A solo exhibition by Joachim Baldauf for the tercentenary of the Staatliche Porzellanmanufaktur Meissen, one of the world’s leading producers of fine porcelain.

In this unique exhibition, 31 large-format photographs were presented in different halls of the renaissance castle of Albrechtsburg in Meissen, Germany, during the summer of 2010. This was the first and only time that the recently restored 2nd floor was used as an exhibition area. In the future it will be a porcelain museum for the Staatliche Porzellanmanufaktur Meissen.

According to the four elements, the images are framed in coloured frames in the spirit of the castle’s architecture.

The show was curated and recorded by Claudia Seidel. The exhibition catalogue was designed by Melanie Homann and produced by Printkultur.


Joachim Baldauf: Meissen Macht Ikonen
Language: German/English
Format: 28 x 34 cm
Contents: 64 pages, 31 images, softcover
Release: 2010
Sold out.