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Joachim Baldauf: Photographs + The Wallpaper* Years

This book is the first monograph on Joachim Baldauf’s work. The artist presents his best photographs and a selection of works for the London-based magazine Wallpaper*, whose look he helped define between 1999 and 2002.

Includes a conversation between Tyler Brûlé, the founder and former editorial director of Wallpaper* and present editor-in-chief of Monocle, and Ariel Childs, the former photo editor at Wallpaper*, an essay by Tillmann Prüfer, an editor at Die Zeit and the style director at Zeit Magazin, and a preface by Uta Grosenick, publisher, Distanz Verlag.

The book layout is created by Albert Handler, Christian Ram and Florian Offner.


About Distanz

Distanz is a new publishing company based in Berlin under the management of Christian Boros and Uta Grosenick. Distanz releases books and exhibition catalogues on the visual arts as well as photography, architecture, design and fashion of the 20th and 21st century and produces artist’s monographs and anthologies in collaboration with prestigious editors and authors. Distanz cooperates with leading national and international museums and institutions.


The Book

Joachim Baldauf: Photographs + The Wallpaper* Years
Language: German/English
Format: 24,5 x 30,5 cm
Feature: 384 pages, 239 images, hardcover
Release: March 2013
ISDN: 978-3-95476-009-1

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