• Joachim Baldauf, Patrice Brylla & Andreas Seyfarth, Smoke, Berlin 2013
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For ten years, the Berlin-based musician, label head and techno producer Niklas Worgt, a.k.a. Dapayk, has been making music together with his wife, top model Eva Padberg. The album “Smoke” is out now. And it’s full of surprises. After all, the couple, who together make up the electronica duo Dapayk & Padberg, have turned away from the dance floor to forge new paths. Elements of dubstep, songwriting and pop create a dark and atmospheric mood that is reflected in the breathtaking music video.

Directed by: Joachim Baldauf, Patrice Brylla & Andreas Seyfarth

Camera assistant: Sandra Gramm
Styling: Jane Garber
Hair & Make Up: Patrick Gorra & Anna Brylla
Special Effects: Ingolf Schlegel/Film-Ausstattung

Eva Padberg
Niklas Worgt

Andrea Schiefer
Christian Gajdus/PMA
Christian Schwan
Clayton//Kult Model Agency
Eldon Pulak
Florian Leichs/Kult Model Agency
Jannick Knopp/Kult Model Agency
Jon Hester
Leroy//Kult Model Agency
Nora Vladiguerov
Rodolfo Piazza Pfitscher da Silva

Special thanks to Delight Rental Studios, Berlin
Arne Schoenwald/Kult Model Agency