• Joachim Baldauf, The Wallpaper* Years, Exhibition, Berlin 2009
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The Wallpaper* Years

Exhibition at Galerie im Regierungsviertel as a part of the Forgotten Bar Project in Berlin, 2009.

The first issue of Wallpaper* Magazine was published in 1996, and the magazine’s take on postmodern aesthetics was an instant success. In 1999 Joachim Baldauf joined Wallpaper* and was responsible for some ten covers and more than 30 editorials until 2002. As Tyler Brûlé, founding editor of Wallpaper*, once stated, Joachim Baldauf added a “very special sauce to the dish” and, as a matter of fact, Wallpaper* became the breakthrough for Baldauf as one of today’s most highly acclaimed photographers. In retrospect, Wallpaper* itself could be considered the world’s leading magazine of the 1990s in terms of luxurious looks and mise en scène, taste, style and habits. It became synonymous with the hedonism of a whole decade, and due to its visual style and language it still serves as a model for similar publications today.

The jade green silkscreen printed titles on the black glass panel are headlines in alphabetical order taken out of Wallpaper*. These headlines are the equivalent to the visual language of Wallpaper*. The panel is part of a collaborative project with the artist Patrick Fabian Panetta.

Several cover images by Joachim Baldauf for Wallpaper* are presented as hard proofs with technical information on the prints at the exhibition.

“The Wallpaper* Years” was curated by Claudia Seidel. Special thanks to Tyler Brûlé.

The featured image on the left shows Claudia Schiffer for the “Package Holiday” cover of Wallpaper*, issue 38/2001.